Otakar Kraus Music Trust

How supporting OKMT can help your brand, develop your staff and make a difference to the community.

Charity of the Year’ 

Why not choose OKMT as your nominated charity of the year and do some fundraising throughout the whole year? It’s a great way of getting the whole company involved to boost morale and develop team building skills and helping OKMT reach a wider audience.


Have you considered offering staff the opportunity to volunteer to help OKMT? We are always looking for volunteers to help us at our events or volunteers who can offer us specialised skills such as PR, Training, Marketing etc..


What better way is there to improve staff morale, motivation and cross team working than to challenge your staff to raise money for a growing charity like OKMT? Sponsored events and activities are great ways to fundraise for us!


Event Sponsorship 

We organise a number of events and concerts each year and we welcome sponsorship. Your contribution will be acknowledged at the event, on our website and in all communications sent out.

To discuss how you can work with OKMT contact Valerie Roy at valerie@okmtrust.org.uk or on 07742 226780.

 How does working with a charity benefit you as an organisation?
  • Creates positive media and branding opportunities
  • Creates opportunities for employees to volunteer and develop team building skills
  • Employees will feel proud to work for a company that supports charitable causes
  • Potentially increases sales and customer loyalty
  • OKMT will provide your employees with a well-being session
  • We will acknowledge your contribution on our website, social media and mailouts, in printed material and at events.
  • We’ll keep you up–to–date on our work to engage employees and nurture a meaningful partnership.

Did you know a recent survey by Forresters found that 82% of people would  buy from a company who supports charities over a company who doesn’t!

Example of our Work

Rosie has physical and neurological difficulties, is tube fed and has a severe learning disability. She found the world a scary place and did not tolerate most noises apart from music. At OK Music School our specialist methods allowed Rosie to show her true potential and she was soon singing beautifully using a microphone. She has performed in public concerts and other community events many times now, which has been vital in building her confidence and self-esteem.

In 2019 she passed her Grade 1 Singing Exam. Her mother said:

“My daughter has achieved so much and though she has never taken an academic exam, she had been able to achieve her first singing grade. This has allowed us both to feel very proud”

Contact Valerie Roy at valerie@okmtrust.org.uk for more information


Based in Chiswick NENT have supported OKMT for several years, holding sponsored events, bake sales, providing raffle prizes, sponsoring our Music Marathon in 2018 and filming our 2019 Christmas OK Music School concert including interviews with the students taking part.